Your Coachier™

My name is Jorien Dullemeijer. I may become your coach soon!

I coach mostly students, starters/trainees and young professionals. I enjoy to see them develop to the one and only real version of themselves.

You want to know more about me and my origin? That's something I am happy to tell you about.

My education

Academic Coach

In 2015 I started the study course Academic Coach. This course was given at the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

During this intensive education I went through an important growth in my personal development. I quickly learned what prevented me in the past years to become my best real self.

Do you know that critical voice that seems to live inside your head? It is so little, yet can be also so strong and destructive. By becoming aware of my Inner Critic, I learned to become less influenced by it.

I learned to live from my own ME:

  • What do I want,

  • what do I feel,

  • what is my opinion and

  • what do I think?

I finished the study course successfully in 2016. Thereby I have prepared myself for the academic coaching of people.

Walking Coach

Yet there was something missing, I felt. All the coaching conversations where indoors. I felt locked down between 4 concrete walls with the problem of the coachee.

Therefore, 2 years later I started my education for walking coaching at the Coachbureau in Bunnik (near Utrecht, The Netherlands). We went outside with the coachee problems and we used the natural outdoor environment to coach with a solution oriented approach!

The course days in the beautiful nature parc of Amelisweerd in the province of Utrecht have given me a tremendous boost. I discoverd that coaching while walking outside in the nature is what I wanted to do.

The coachees that I coached during the study course started to tell me that being coached in outdoor environments felt to them as a great added and valuable benefit.

My work­experience

In my work as personal counselor I have worked for years with people that have psychic and psychiatric problems. I help them to keep standing in there vulnerable (period of their) existence.

It enjoys me when I see that my client makes progress and regains control over his/her life.

I apply the methods that I have learned in my educations for coach now in my daily work. And I see that my clients improve and get better just by being outside and within nature.

For 4 days per week I work as a personal counselor. During weekday (summer)evenings, on Fridays and on Saturdays I coach persons for my own practise.

Perhaps you now think that I take a rest on Sundays, but you are mistaken. Because on Sundays I take my man on a scavanger hunt througout the forest.

My approach

Characteristic for my approach in handling people is my intuitive power to empathize with someone else's life. Call me a person that can connect on a deeper emotional level with others.

Others tell me that I can slow them down and by doing that bring them rest and calmth.

The natural outdoor environment is a wonderful example for a context that allows you to slow down by default. Nature also brings quietness into your head.

By walking, the rest approaches you. This way more space is created to find new solutions for your self. You'll find new ways to shift your focus from problems oriented to getting into touch with your inner power sources that will help you grow further. And this strengthens the whole coaching session.

Characteristic for my approach is:

  • Find your own solutions (instead of dig further down into your problems)

  • The use of nature and outdoor fresh air as sustainable aid

  • Literally moving ahead by going for a walk together

My surroundings

For years I have lived, studied and worked in the city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). I find Rotterdam a realy big, busy metropole where much is happening all the time.

I met my partner while dancing the Argentine Tango. Together we chose to live in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel; a green and quiet small village (not far from Rotterdam). We live near the Hitlandse Bos, the beach of the Zevenhuizer Plas, the river Rotte and the Kralingse Bos.

Now I can decide for myself when to choose for the business and conviviality of the city.

My free time

You don't have to second guess: in my free time I like to go out for a walk, take the bike or go running. And yoga… but then indoors and on a mat.

And if I don't feel like going for a walk myself, then my partner will take the kitty out on the boulevard.

My target audience

2018 Was the first time I joined the Coach Café. This is an evenening where students and graduates are coached in a cafetaria style setting.

My partner is alumnus at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and he received this call for coaches.

It was at this Coach Café that my interest to coach students, starters and young professionals sparked.

This target audience experience heavy performance pressure. These young people are just at the start of their working life or only have a few years work experience. They have an enormous drive and ambities and sadly enough also often way too high expectations of themselves and their surroundings. And these people also less and less frequently go outside.

Now I literally coach these studenten, starters/trainees and young professionals outside of the Coach Café indoor setting. Together with my coachees we have coaching conversations while walking freely in nature. That formula works like a charm for them!

  • They learn to discover that they also have their own life of importance (a life worth coloring more!)

  • They may learn to relax (while still performaning good enough)

  • They don't need to put too much pressure on themselves

  • They learn to listen to their feeling

In short: Even I myself found my own path and I would enjoy to help you walk your own route!