Try life coaching

Free virtual online coaching session. Safe and comfortabele try-out experience. Play the interactive coaching game now (with free personal report afterwards).



Why play this game right now?

  • Experience life coaching in max 5 minutes (Corona proof!)

  • Completely free online interactive coaching simulation game

  • Easy and accessible, also for you!

  • Nature as a metaphor to tackle your personal challenges

  • Afterwards receive your personal report with play results and more tips


Purpose of the simulation game

You will walk through a virtual forest parc.

You will start at the entrance of this parc.

Your goal is to meet me (Jorien the Coachier™) at the finish (house). For that you need to follow a route which is indicated with coloured sign posts (green, blue, red).

Along the way you can encounter some nice typical life challenges. Some challenges are easier to overcome than others. How well do you manage to deal with these challenges?

But do not worry. Don't give up. Because while walking, I coach you!

From her hot air balloon, Jorien the Coachier™ helps you find your way

The average game time to reach the end point is approximately 5 minutes. Do you want to quit mid-game because you got lost? Then use the big red 'STOP'-button (Escape button on keyboard).

After the game I prepare a personal play results report for you. This report consists of a point score, feedback and tips.

Will I see you at the end? Nice warm tea and coffee are waiting for you.


How do the game controls work?

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard, game controller or dancepad to walk and watch. Or use the mouse or touchscreen (click / touch screen, drag and release).

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk and watch

Walking & looking


Use the arrow keys.

  • …up/down: step forward/backward
  • …left/right: turn left/right


Click and drag.

  • …from the center of the screen: look around
  • …via yellow circle at the bottom left: step forward/backward/to the side
  • …via blue circle at the bottom right: look around

Collect items

Click on portable items (such as a backpack) to pick them up

You can click on some portable things you come across to do something with them (such as picking something up). Alternatively you can press the space bar keyboard button or game controller/dancepad select button.

With the items you have collected you can solve certain challenges you will encounter.

P.S. We have made virtual walking through a forest almost as simple as walking through real nature. If you are unsuccessful with the operation, you can of course always call or email for extra support.


Finished playing? Receive a gift!

While walking you have experienced an adventure in the virtual forest. For this unusual achievement you should of course get a well-deserved reward.

Receive your free personal game report after the virtual walk

Fill in your details at the final screen and press the 'Send' button. Then you will receive your personal report for free. It contains feedback on how you played the Walking Coach game.


Walking Coach?

This Walking Coach game is based on the concept of being coached on typical life issues while walking, using nature and your environment as a source of inspiration.

Which issues are addressed in Life Coaching?

  • What is really important to me?

  • Am I doing what I really want with my life?

  • And what keeps me from being my best self?

Talking to someone about your concerns while walking is usually experienced as very pleasant and easy.

Walking outdoors in nature helps you to find solutions to your challenges in a relaxed way. No wonder even General Practitioners are starting to prescribe this 'walking prescription'!

Have you been inspired by the virtual game to further investigate your coaching question in 'Real Life'? Then request a real walk from Jorien.


The Walking Coach game is an online interactive service (simulation game) offered to you free of charge* by Coachier™.

In order to play the game smoothly, I recommend using a device (mobile, tablet, laptop, computer) that is no older than approximately 3 years. Also update your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari) to a recent version.

  • The game set-up and the game progress were designed by Jorien Dullemeijer, walking coach.

  • The software is technically developed by web game development studio Qoppa Holding BV.

  • We would like to thank the people who tested the game during the development phase for their contribution: Ben, Denise, Jesse, Kees, Miranda, Randy, Ria.


Feedback & Suggestions

Do you have any feedback on the game? Both negative criticism and positive compliments are welcome! With your feedback we improve the experience for the next player.

*Free with respect to Fair Use policy