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Perform well enough - without putting pressure on yourself

Are you satisfied with yourself as a student, trainee or young professional?

  • Or do you have to perform all the time?

  • Too much choices to make?

  • Want to participate with almost everything?

You don't have an explanation for it, but you are feeling tense, unsure, under pressure, stressed, exhausted and you worry way too much.

You are not the only one

It is no coincidence. Many students, trainees and young professionals feel the same way like you do now: stressed and exhausted.

Recently this news message appeared:

"Students and young professionals all stressed to psychologist"



  • The queues are too long (you'll have a burn out by the time it is finally your turn).

  • And going to the psychologist may feel a bridge too far for you.

Why do you experience that much pressure?

Listen carefully:

  • There is nothing wrong with you.

  • You are not crazy.

  • You just experience a lot of pressure to perform!

There are high expectation about you. By the government. Your parents. Your teacher or boss. You yourself. Your fellow students or young professional colleagues. Just from e-ve-ry-bo-dy.

Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are filled with wonderful success stories of people's lifes. Your reality looks more like you have just awakened from the stone age.

  • Why don't you perform that wonderful?

  • Why aren't you doing 7 things simultaneously?

  • Why aren't you chilling-out with success icons?

  • Why aren't you checking in at the most beautiful locations of the world?

  • Why don't you have an excellent Resumé filled with projects at big brand names?

Because you don't have to!

Get a hold on your performance pressure

It isn't realistic to be that perfect. Just do your own thing. Then you will perform well enough. And performing well enough is OK.

There is no one else that will exactly do the same as you. Because you are unique. When you do it your way, then you are your best self. And luckily there is only 1 you!

An improved version of yourself

  • Well rested / good night sleep

  • Time for yourself and your real friends

  • Made your own choices

  • Satisfied and happy

  • Feeling fulfilled with realistic expectations

  • Cheerful and with joy

  • Energized and involved

Others may start to wonder: where did you go? They don't hear that much from you any more? Until they quietly start to realize, that they would be like you have become (without all that hassle).

A new beginning

But back to the here and now.

You feel the need to look into the mirror and wonder "What do you realy want?"

Perhaps you have a first idea about what that would be. Silently you are longing to it.

  • But how do you become like your best mirror image of yourself?

  • Who can help you to make that 'selfie' of you?

No not the psychiatrist. There is nothing wrong with you.

A better option may be a coach. Someone who encourages you, helps you on your way to start walking your own path (and not the path of someone else).

Not in a dark pinching room, on a coach or uncomfortable chair of the psychiatrist. But instead light and free in fresh outdoor environments.

A helping hand

Well, you're lucky!

My name is Jorien Dullemeijer and as the Coachier™ I take students and young professionals outside for coaching them in what they really want in life.

  • I will let you discover what is really important for you.

  • I will let you take the time for yourself and to do the nice things you want (because that is completely normal to do).

  • I will learn you to set priorities so that you keep on your own track.

  • I will teach you that good enough really is excellent.

  • I will guide you from living with your head to living with your feelings.

  • I will let you discover what gives you energy.

  • I will let you find what you are really good at doing.

So that you perform well enough without putting too much pressure on yourself.

How does that work?

We will take a walk in nature (or in the city, what you want).

As a solution oriented academic coach, together with you I will look at your qualities and how you can make use of these qualities.

What bothers your the most currently? And what do you want to achieve?

I have a wide range of tools for you like exercises in which I use nature as a metaphor.

Tools to become your natural self!

Such as:

  • associative exercises,

  • work-shop assignments,

  • interactive serious/educational games,

  • and things to ground yourself and your senses, walk to find the peace and quietness in your head so you can finally start listening to what you really want.

These tols will take you out of the hectic and busy environment that normally makes you feel stressed.

And fortunately we are (almost all) able to walk/wander!

Thanks to Global Warming it will be also nice weather to go outside (if the weather suddenly changes for worse, don't panic because I carry a spare umbrella for you).

Take action immediately

Does this appeal to you? Do you want to get in touch without any obligation? Do you feel like walking a bit?

Call, text or WhatsApp to 0624734824. Or fill in the express your interest form.

I love to hear from you!

Jorien Dullemeijer (Coachier™)

Jorien Dullemeijer